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Timber Sale Administration

Selling timber is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You only get one chance to get it right. The unforeseen circumstances that often occur during the sale of timber usually make the process too overwhelming. Landowners can quickly become frustrated and regretful. For this reason, you often hear stories about landowners who wished they had never sold their timber.
A consulting forester’s job is to assume all the headaches and make selling timber a pleasurable and profitable experience.
Many of the processes involved with selling timber are everyday experiences to a forester. At George Comstock & Associates, Consulting Foresters, we also excel at marketing and bidding the timber. Often, our clients see their expectations doubled in financial terms.
These are the basic steps used to sell your timber:

  • Identify the Boundary Lines
  • Mark the Trees at Eye Level and at the Stump Level
  • Diligently Market Your Timber to Timber Buyers Who Are Involved in Domestic and Foreign Trade
  • Receive Bids That Are Sealed in an Envelope from Only Professional Timber Buyers
  • Award the Highest Bidder with a Custom Purchase Contract
  • Secure a Cash Bond That Is Held Until All Logging Is Satisfactorily Completed
  • Supervise the Logging Operation While Working Closely with the Logging Foreman
  • Regularly Inspect the Logging Operation for Environmental Compliance
  • Return Cash Bond to the Timber Buyer

Forestry Services Chillicothe
Forestry Services Chillicothe
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